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Pastel Payroll - Training & Support
Pastel Payroll (and Micropay) is one of the easiest and user friendly packages that I have worked with over the last 18 years. Starting at R999 for a 1 to 5 user, Pastel Micropay & Payroll is a MUST for any small to medium business!

The Pastel Micropay (up to 5 users) and Pastel Payroll (greater than 5 users) is very easy to set-up and implement and can be summarized as follows:                  

Install and register Pastel Payroll
- Set-up the employees breaking them down into weekly and monthly
- Enter the first months or current month and year to date wages, PAYE totals
- Run first week / months payroll and print payslips
- Run standard reports
- Take back up and run month end

Yes, it is as simple as that and can be done in between 4 to 12 hours subject to the number of employees that need to be taken on. As you can imagine, it is extremely difficult to estimate the time for such a project as we have not discussed your client’s requirements.

Please be assured that we always will endeavour to keep the time to a minimum and all time will be recorded on a time sheet.            
For more information or a quote on our Pastel Accounting and Payroll installation and training, please call us or enter your information below and we will contact you as soon as possible to assess your requirements and supply you with a quote.

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