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Pastel Accounting - Training & Support
David Hartley was the founder and sole distributor of Pastel Software in the Western Cape trading as Pastel Software Cape P/L in 1990. Since then TBA Solutions has grown into years of experience and expertise to offer the best in Pastel and Accounting Services.
In summary, our
  1. Sales, system design, installation, training and support of Pastel Accounting and Payroll.
  2. Developing, implementing & maintaining Pastel Accounting / Payroll related systems.
  3. Importing and integration of other sales & stock systems into Pastel Accounting to complete the general ledger process to trial balance for management accounts and vat purposes.

We have also been involved and worked with a number of clients that need to have stock and Point of Sales (POS) data summarized and transferred into Pastel Accounting on a daily or monthly basis.

Crystal Logic has been an example of a supplier that we have been working with closely when it comes to exporting accounting data from the Crystal Logic transaction databases in a summarized format and importing the data into Pastel Accounting. This includes Customers, Suppliers, stock and general ledger journals that are easily downloaded into Pastel with the grace of a few easy steps.   

A standard Pastel installation, set-up and training normally comprises of:

  1. Install Pastel & configure the chart of accounts to suit your business
  2. Advising on your stock set-up                               
  3. Open & enter debtors/General Ledger opening balances & start invoicing (if required) 
  4. Set up / design the invoicing to suite your business                               
  5. Show how to enter deposits / receipts & print invoices statements                              
  6. Enter payments cash book, petty cash & do bank reconciliation.                              
  7. Any other financial and accounting advice as required.                              
We also enjoy using our strong accounting side and assisting in setting up specialized charts of accounts and reports to meet the client’s needs and requirements.                               
As you can imagine, it is extremely difficult to estimate the time for such a project as we have not discussed your client’s requirements. Please be assured that I will endeavor to keep the time to a minimum and all time will be recorded on a time sheet.  The average installation, set-up and training can take between 10 to 40 or more hours. This is subject to the client’s requirements, level of accounting expertise and the amount of your involvement in the entering of the stock & formulas etc.

We also offer Installation, Training & Support services for Pastel Payroll and Fixed Assets.

For more information please contact us.

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