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SmartBank imports Bank Statements straight into Multi Accounting packages...SAVING over 90% in CashBook processing TIME, COSTS and MONEY! SmartBank is a lot easier to use than the Sage Pastel Bank Manager and works beautifully with:1) ALL Sage Pastel Partner and Xpress versions (2009 to 2017)2) OSFinancial Accounting (Free Accounting package)3) TurboCash V3, 4 & 54) Palladium Accounting coming soon!5) More Accounting packages coming soon!
Retail Price: R 4,200.00 | Our Price: R 2,800.00

SmartBank Bank Manager Software Bank Manager: Overview

Total Accounting Solutions is proud to introduce you to our new SmartBank 

Elegant Modern Cash Book Management & Accounting System

SmartBank eliminates and automates the whole manual line by line writing up of your accounting cash book for ever!

Just download and then import your Online Bank Statements into SmartBank ...

Let SmartBank do the rest..with Auto Allocation, easy lookups and short cuts at your easy as 123...saving MORE THAN 90% of your cash book processing time..and more...

Have a look at how easy SmartBank makes Accounting  Intelligent, Paperless and a PLEASURE!!

SmartBank is a Multi Accounting package bank statement import tool that currently integrates with:

-  Pastel Partner & Xpress(All versions)

- OSFinancial Accounting - Free Accounting package

- TurboCash Accounting - All versions

- Palladium Accounting also works beautifully and more accounting packages soooon.....

SmartBank also comes with its OWN Standalone application Accounting package with a "My Business Demo" and is ideal for both your:
- Personal Accounts AND
- Business Accounts

Download our Smartbank and try it out for a Free 60 day trial...and make bookkeeping a pleasure!

SmartBank is the Bookkeeping and Accounting solution you have all been waiting with lots of easy to use and time saving features!

Smart Bank importing Bank Statement Accounting Software

-  Works beautifully with Sage Pastel Accounting (both Partner and Xpress, Palladium Accounting, OS Financials, TurboCash ...
-  Is easy to import and edit your bank statements and export
-   Auto allocates regular monthly accounts settings
Comes with easy editable preferred descriptions
Easily integrates with general ledgers and customer/supplier accounts
-    Tracks the whole download history for years backwards
-    Has robust reporting with cash flow graphs
  Lots of Help built in and easy to use

Save up to 80% of time in 3 simple steps:
-         Import into SmartBank
-         Edit & complete & reconcile your Cashbook
Export into your accounting packages

Ideal for any small, medium or large business, bookkeepers and accounting firms with:
-        More multiple accounting packages
-        Many clients
-        A few or lots of Cashbook transactions to process

To try out our SmartBank for a 60 day free trial, Click HERE

Even after exporting all the batches into the various accounting packages, SmartBank will also keep the full history of all the banks statement downloaded and be able to produce multiple reports and graphs, which will summarise how the Company or Personal accounts has been spending their money.

To download our SmartBank for a 60 day free trial, Manual and Videos, Click HERE

-> Remember that SmartBank ONLY imports .OFX and OFC Files beautifully from your Online Bank Statements. If your bank does not have .OFX or .OFC files, then give us a call and we will definitely add new file formats into SmartBank

Then just import into your accounting package and and your cash book is updated and reconciled!

Note that the SmartBank Beta is currently also working for TurboCash Accounting, all versions of Pastel Xpress and Partner, OSFinancials with Palladium Accounting coming soooon!!

For more information please contact us.

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