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LetsSync - Data Synchronisation to and from Pastel An affordable way of synchronizing Pastel Partner data between different locations via flash disk or small email.
Retail Price: R 3,999.00 | Our Price: R 3,899.00

LetsSync - Data Synchronisation

An affordable way of synchronizing Pastel Partner data between different locations via flash disk or small email.

Typical Users

• Companies that have more than one branch and wish to consolidate all branches into one set of accounts
• Accountants / Bookkeepers who normally transport backups of their clients’ data back and forth between their own and their clients’ computers
• They can now have up to date data whenever necessary

Key benefits:

• Easy to install and use

• Consolidation of any number of sets of accounts into one set of accounts

• Export of updated data can be done both ways – from Head Office to Branch or Branches and from Branch or Branches to Head Office. Only data that has not yet been exported will be included in the latest export – this ensures that no duplication takes place

• Inventory Price Lists can be exported from the Head Office to all Branches

This document provides a general overview of LetsSync Data Synchronisation.

The application can only be used with Pastel Partner or Xpress products for version 9.3.5 (2007) or higher, i.e. Version 10 (2009).

There are two main features of LetsSync

• Transferring all updated data (Orders and Quotations are not regarded as updated), as well as new master records (general ledger, customers, suppliers, inventory, sales codes and cost codes), belonging to the same set of accounts, between the selected locations/branches.
There is no limit to the number of locations/branches.

• Sending updated inventory prices to the remote locations/branches.

How it works:

• You will select one set of accounts – normally the Head Office – as a foundation to create the sets of accounts for the other branches.  The Setup Wizard will create all the necessary branch companies from the Head Office company. Therefore, if there is a set of accounts currently in use at the branches, it will be replaced by the one created by the Setup Wizard.

• At any time, you can export data from any location, which will be sent, via email with a small text attachment, to all the sites, who will import the data at their convenience. 

Total Accounting Solutions are now distributors of LetsSync in the Western Cape.  The retail prices (vat inclusive) for LetsSync software are:

- LetsSync - Server                             R 3 899.00
- LetsSync - Workstation                     R 2 899.00

For more information on LetsSync please call us for a quote and more information. You can also download or view a more detailed article extract on how LetsSync works, please click HERE

For more information please contact us.

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