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SmartBank Bank Manager - Warks with All Pastel and Sage One products
The SmartBank BANK Manager add-on module eliminates the process of manually capturing transactions from your bank statement and just imports the bank statement straight into the accounting package! SmartBank Bank Manager works Beautifully with ALL Versions of Sage Pastel Partner and Xpress from versions 2007 (V9) to the latest Pastel Partner and Xpress 2019 (V19) To find out more and download a free 30 day trial, go to
Retail Price: R 4,800.00 | Our Price: R 2,900.00

Sage Pastel Accounting SmartBank Bank Manager - Warks with All Pastel and Sage One products: SmartBank Features

SmartBank TIME SAVING Features

SmartBank, is a new bank manager tool that replaces the Sage Pastel bank manager add on module with the following unique benefits:

- Works on ALL Pastel Xpress and Partrner versions (2007 to 2014)

- No Pastel upgrades required

- SaveTIME and MONEY

- Click HERE to download a 60 day Free Trial

SmartBank  is an amazing 
time saving software management tool that eliminates and automates the whole manual line by line writing up of your accounting cashbook forever in 3 simple steps:

  •  Import the Bank Statement file into SmartBank  
  • Edit and auto allocate the bank transactions
  • Export straight into your accounting package

Let SmartBank's Features do the rest intelligently using:

  •  Import Assistant
  •  Auto Allocating of regular transactions
  • Sorts and groups like transactions easily and intelligently
  •  Abbreviations, copy and paste for ledger descriptions and accounts
  • Saves Splitting of unlimited normal and recurring transactions
  • Searches the whole bank statement for key words or symbols
  • Export Assistant with multiple options to into your accounting package

SmartBank has its own unique features including:

  • Recognises and eliminates duplicate transactions (OFX and OFC files only)
  • Prints Bank Statement transactions Imported (and Exported) for filing
  • Ticks and excludes selected transactions that do NOT need to be exported
  • Auto fills blank or unallocated accounts using built in Deposit and Payments Suspense Accounts
  • Run unlimited open Bank Accounts at the same time and jump from account to account with ease           
SmartBank can also store and archive all the transactions imported and Saves and Tracks the whole download history for years backwards by “Archiving” the transactions
  • Saves and Tracks the whole download history for years backwards by “Archiving” the transactions
  • Has robust reporting with income and expenditure summaries and cash flow graphs and more
  • Has a Standalone package option that will become a separate cashbook and reporting tool
  • Lots of built in HELP facilities with a downloadable manual and videos that are easy to use -2-

SmartBank’s goal is to be compatible and integrates with a number of accounting packages including:

  • Sage Pastel Accounting – Partner & Xpress V7 to V14 (NEW 2014)
  • OS Financials
  • Palladium Accounting     - Coming soon
  •  TurboCASH  v3, 4 & 5 - Working beautifully
  • Standalone application

SmartBank also has its own “Standalone” application needing no other accounting package and is usable as a:

1) Demo company and an
2) Unique small business multi cashbook and reporting tool of the future that will be developed further soon!

The SmartBank aim is to satisfy the markets needs in the accounting arena and continue to add new features that will make SmartBank an accounting tool that no accountant, bookkeeper or business owner can survive without!

SmartBank has started very successfully with 2 excellent examples of very happy clients: 

1) A garage in Cape Town, processes 60 pages of bank statement a month. Using SmartBank, the owner has automated 90% of his transactions and now takes less than a day to process what used to take 4 to 5 days.

     2) A big finance company in Johannesburg is using SmartBank to import over 6000 transactions per month for their 19 cashbooks into Pastel. SmartBank now significantly reduces the 3 to 4 hours a day that the manual processing used to take into less than an hour a day. SmartBank also assists in splitting a single transaction into 78 different general ledger accounts and more!

SmartBank Ideal for:

  • Any small, medium or large business
  • With lots of Cashbook and Credit Card transactions to process
  •  Accounting and Bookkeeping businesses using:

1)     Using any of the multiple accounting packages

2)     Have lots of clients with

3)     Lots of bank statement transactions to process

SmartBank Bank Manager works beautifully with the following Accounting packages:

  • Sage Pastel Partner & Xpress - From Version 9 (2007) to V14 )2014) with no upgrades required
  • Palladium Accounting
  • OSFinancials
  • TurboCash v3, 4 & 5 working beautifully!
  • More coming soon!
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