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Iron Tree On-line Backup
On-line Backup - Simple, Secure, Supported 14 DAY FREE TRIAL
Price on Request
On-line Backup - Simple, Secure, Supported

"Do you want to safeguard your company's data and ensure business continuity should this data be lost?"

If your answer to this is "YES!" then we can help!

We provide: 100% secure on-line backup, a simple registration process, simple installation, affordable pricing and secure hosting

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Data is what keeps every business alive. Every day your business creates new data, this is in the form of transactions, documents and spreadsheets. This data is your business's lifeblood, ensuring that bills are paid, money is collected, contracts are valid and information is available for essential decision making.

It is our mission is to ensure that your business can continue to function after your data has been lost - whatever the reason for the loss - natural disaster, theft, or a computer failure. We provide you with the ability to do an offsite backup of ALL your critical data in a 100% secure manner automatically.

For more information on this exciting new on-line back-up product that will suite any SEM to medium to bit business

Fill in your details below and get a free 14 days full back up of accounting system and Mydocuments and more…

IronTree backup system is fully supported by Pastel Softare as a partner to ensuring your Pastel Software and other important information is fully backed up on a daily basis.


IronTree Pricing

Account Startup - R100 once off

Up to 250MB - R99 per month
Up to 1024MB (1GB) - R130 per month
Up to 2048MB (2GB) - R200 per month
Up to 3072MB (3GB) - R245 per month
Up to 5120MB (5GB) - R295 per month

5 to 10 GB - R295 per month for 1st 5GB thereafter R50 per GB
More than 10GB - Subject to Quotation

All prices are exclusive of VAT
All prices are per machine
Customised quotes or self-managed environments - Please contact us for a quotation

For more information on this exciting back-up system fully backed by Pastel Software, contact us at: +27 (0)21 683 8333 or fill in your details below and then view the IronTree website

For more information please contact us.

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