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SmartBank imports Bank Statements straight into Multi Accounting packages...SAVING over 90% in CashBook processing TIME, COSTS and MONEY! SmartBank is a lot easier to use than the Sage Pastel Bank Manager and works beautifully with:1) ALL Sage Pastel Partner and Xpress versions (2009 to 2017)2) OSFinancial Accounting (Free Accounting package)3) TurboCash V3, 4 & 54) Palladium Accounting coming soon!5) More Accounting packages coming soon!
 Retail Price: R 4,200.00 | Our Price: R 2,800.00

Have a quick walk through of how easily SmartBank Bank Manager downloads and imports bank statements, auto allocates transactions and exports straight into many accounting packages....
...saves lots of Time and Money!


About SmartBank and SmartBank Solution (Pty) Ltd

SmartBank is the brain child of David Hartley, a professional accountant who began working with Pastel back in 1990, who has teamed up with a very bright professional programmer and partner, Sylvain Ntumba, who wrote most of the current version of TurboCash and OSFinancials while working in that field 5 years ago. 

David’s appreciation of the bookkeeping environment and his keen eye for the future has lead to the development of a package that finally integrates modern advancements in banking and technology in a way that will save both bookkeeping time and money for his clients.

There are an estimated 180 000 Pastel users in South Africa, not to mention people using other bookkeeping software. SmartBank’s initial objective is to gain between five thousand and ten thousand active users. SmartBank also plans to expand internationally once he has managed to sell his first few thousand packages in South Africa.

The SmartBank software is now owned by a company called SmartBank Solution (Pty) Ltd (2012/097293/07) with David Hartley and Sylvain Ntumba being co directors.

For more information on David Hartley and how SmartBank started, please click HERE

The road ahead

 SmartBank will start operating from Cape Town with a Johannesburg based telephone support team.

SmartBank plans to expand and grow valuable add on updates, tools  and advancements that will make SmartBank simple to use in everyday life....saving the users lots of Time, Costs and Money!

SmartBank will be sold mainly online with all the software being downloadable at the push of a button. For more information on our training videos and DVDs, Please Click HERE




SmartBank Time saving Features - See video below

SmartBank Bank Manager, is a new Bank Manager tool that now competes with the Sage Pastel Bank Manager and works on ALL Sage Pastel Partner and Xpress versions including V17!

SmartBank Bank Manager software is an amazing 
time saving software management tool that eliminates and automates the whole manual line by line writing up of your accounting cashbook forever in 3 simple steps:

  •  Import the Bank Statement file into SmartBank  
  • Edit and auto allocate the bank transactions
  • Export straight into your accounting package

Let SmartBank's Features do the rest intelligently using:

  •  Import Assistant
  •  Auto Allocating of regular transactions
  • Sorts and groups like transactions easily and intelligently
  •  Abbreviations, copy and paste for ledger descriptions and accounts
  • Saves Splitting of unlimited normal and recurring transactions
  • Searches the whole bank statement for key words or symbols
  • Export Assistant with multiple options to into your accounting package

SmartBank has its own unique features including:

  • Recognises and eliminates duplicate transactions (OFX and OFC files only)
  • Prints Bank Statement transactions Imported (and Exported) for filing
  • Ticks and excludes selected transactions that do NOT need to be exported
  • Auto fills blank or unallocated accounts using built in Deposit and Payments Suspense Accounts
  • Run unlimited open Bank Accounts at the same time and jump from account to account with ease


SmartBank can also store and archive all the transactions imported and Saves and Tracks the whole download history for years backwards by “Archiving” the transactions
  • Saves and Tracks the whole download history for years backwards by “Archiving” the transactions
  • Has robust reporting with income and expenditure summaries and cash flow graphs and more
  • Has a Standalone package option that will become a separate cashbook and reporting tool
  • Lots of built in HELP facilities with a downloadable manual and videos that are easy to use -2-

SmartBank’s goal is to be compatible and integrates with a number of accounting packages including:

  • Sage Pastel Accounting – Partner & Xpress V7 to V14 (NEW 2014)
  • OS Financials
  • Palladium Accounting     - Coming soon
  •  TurboCASH  - Coming Soon
  • Standalone application

SmartBank also has its own “Standalone” application needing no other accounting package and is usable as a:

1) Demo company and an
2) Unique small business multi cashbook and reporting tool of the future that will be developed further soon!

The SmartBank aim is to satisfy the markets needs in the accounting arena and continue to add new features that will make SmartBank an accounting tool that no accountant, bookkeeper or business owner can survive without!

SmartBank has started very successfully with 2 excellent examples of very happy clients: 

1) A garage in Cape Town, processes 60 pages of bank statement a month. Using SmartBank, the owner has automated 90% of his transactions and now takes less than a day to process what used to take 4 to 5 days.

     2) A big finance company in Johannesburg is using SmartBank to import over 6000 transactions per month for their 19 cashbooks into Pastel. SmartBank now significantly reduces the 3 to 4 hours a day that the manual processing used to take into less than an hour a day. SmartBank also assists in splitting a single transaction into 78 different general ledger accounts and more!

SmartBank Ideal for:

  • Any small, medium or large business
  • With lots of Cashbook and Credit Card transactions to process
  •  Accounting and Bookkeeping businesses using:

1)     Using any of the multiple accounting packages

2)     Have lots of clients with

3)     Lots of bank statement transactions to process

SmartBank Bank Manager works beautifully with the following Accounting packages:
  • Sage Pastel Partner & Xpress - From Version 9 (2007) to V14 )2014) with no upgrades required
  • Palladium Accounting
  • OSFinancials
  • More coming soon!

For more detail on the amazing SmartBank Bank Manager - See www.SmartBank/co/za



This video is a short walk through showing how easy Smartbank Bank Manager 1) Imports the bank statement into SmartBank 2) Auto Allocates and Edits the transactions and then 3) Exports the transactions straight into the accounting easy as 1..2..3...

SmartBank Training Videos - Step by step

For more detail on the SmartBank Tutorial videos. see the NEW SmartBank website - Click HERE

The following Videos are SHORT but more detailed explanations of the quick walkthrough above.

       1) Reconciling cashbook and bank statement

This SmarBank Bank Manager video show how easy SmartBank reconciles batches imported with and without overlapping transactions. This video also show how easily SmartBank exports the reconciled transactions straight into the Sage Pastel Partner and Xpress packages with a few clicks.

       2) Auto Allocation - Walk through

The SmartBank Auto Allocation of recurring transactions video includes the "Searching for, "Deleting", "Exporting" and "Importing" of recurring transactions and more.

       3) Auto Allocation - Detailed

This video walks through the 10 Auto Allocation Ledger Description Options in detail showing how uniquely SmartBank Auto Allocates saved imported transactions in a few seconds

              4) Split transactions

In this video, SmartBank Bank manager walks through how easy it is to 1) Split a transaction and 2) SAVE a RECURRING transactions that needs to be AUTOMATICALLY SPLIT every month or more often...without having to remember the Splits ...what a pleasure!!

              5) Fill blank accounts with defaults

This SmartBank video takes you through the steps on how to 1) Set-up the Default accounts and 2) how to use the "Fill blank accounts with Default accounts"

SmartBank Quick Start Manual 

To view or download the 28 page SmartBank Quick Start manual, Please Click HERE

Other packages - OSFinancials & TurboCASH

SmartBank Bank Manager works beautifully with BOTH OSfinancial Accounting and TurboCASH Accounting. SmartBank imports the transactions, reads ALL the accounts in the other accountimg package and then EXPORTS the reconciled transactions straight into the accounting easy as 123!!

Ha  SmartBank - working with OSFINANCIALS & TurboCASH Accounting - Combined

SmartBank Demo & Training DVD

SmartBank has recently released their Demo & Training DVD that look like this

SmartBank Training DVD

 SmartBank Video-1






SmartBank's comprehensive Tutorial Video contains a full step by step walkthrough as summarised below.

Please note that the SmartBank video CD will be mailed to all new customers FREE of charge.on registration of their SmartBank package.

SmartBank works with MULTIPLE Accounting packages

SmartBank Bank Manager works beautifully with the following Accounting packages:

  • Sage Pastel Partner and Xpress - From V9(2007) to V14(2014)
  • OSFinancials Accounting - Free Accounting software
  • Palladium Accounting - Coming soon!!
Please CLICK HERE to find out more about the SmartBank Bank Manager sodtware package or email us at

SmartBank - Free downloads and Bank Statement Downloading Help

A) SmartBank - "Free 60 day Trial" 

Please Click HERE to download the NEW SmartBank Manager (only 3 meg) and a 60 day FREE trial.

B) SmartBank Quick Start Manual 

To view or download the 28 page SmartBank Quick Start manual, Please Click HERE

C) Internet Banking file download assistance

The table below displays the recommended OFX, OFC or CSV Bank statements download files that should be downloaded from various banks.



If  your bank is not on the above list, just download ALL of the OFC, OFX or CSV files and save them in a folder on your harddrive.


Click below to download a PDF file to assist you to download help instructions per BANK:

Summary - Downloading your Online Banking files
- Personal / Business
ABSA Bank - Cashfocus
FNB - Personal / Business
Investec - Investec
Nedbank - Personal
Nedbank - Business
Nedinform - Business
Standard Bank - Personal
Standard Bank - Business

SmartBank also has a NEW WEBSITE at

Please CLICK HERE to correspond with us or email us at

The SmartBank sales package is summarized as follows:

  • SmartBank 2015 retails at:
    - Pastel Partner / Express - R1950 per PC or 5 users per network
    - OSFinancials / TurboCASH - Prices are available from the suppliers - per PC or 5 per network
    - Palladium Accounting - R2400 per PC

  • Is renewable yearly with updates at about 50% of the retail price

The SmartBank retail price include the following downloadable benefits from our website:

  • Updates and improvements
  • 60 days free usage
  • Training manuals
  • Videos – detailed short videos from start to finish
  • Frequently asked questions
  • ...and more
Please click HERE for more information on SmartBank's optional extra telephonic support.

Please note that support is NOT INCLUDED in the above retail prices but, if the user manuals and training videos do not suffice, please contact us and we can, subject to what your needs and requirements are, negotiate win win agreed additional service and support rate. 

Sales orders and assistance

Sales will either be made from the SmartBank:

- Head office – Cape Town
- Johannesburg Sales & Support Centre
- National dealerships

SmartBank Bank Manager works beautifully with the following Accounting packages:

  • Sage Pastel Partner & Xpress - From Version 9 (2007) to V14 (2015) with no upgrades required
  • Palladium Accounting
  • OSFinancials Accounting
  • TurboCash V3, 4 and 5
  • More coming soon!

If you need additional information or wish to place an order, please contact us online by clicking HERE:

SmartBank also has a NEW WEBSITE at
The SmartBank's base office is in Tokai, Cape Town in the Western Cape with a branch outlet in central Johannesburg.

For further inquiries, please enter your details below and we will call you as soon as possible. 
Sylvain Ntumba & David Hartley

SmartBank Solution (Pty) Ltd

Directors - David Hartley and Syvain Ntumba
Reg No: 2012/097293/07
Vat Reg No: N/A

Cape Town

52 Blue Crane Way                           Direct:    +27 (0) 82 06 12300
Tokai, 7954,                                         Fax:         +27 (o) 86 684 8660
Cape Town                                            Email:


Johannesburg -

Cell: 0721828216|Tel: 08600 82274

SmartBank Summary & Contact Details

SoftWare Updates - Click below for the latest updates:

- SmartBank updates - Click HERE

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