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David Hartley, the founder of Total Accounting Solutions cc, is pleased to inform you that 2022 has gone well & 2023 will be a great year in both Software, Accounting, Tax & Financial Management! 

David Hartley is a qualified accountant (SAIPA), who offers a full range of Accounting, Financial Statement preparation, Accounting System Sales, Set-up & Training and Business Consulting.

Recently, Sylvain Ntumba, who wrote the original Turbocash and David Hartley (founder of Total Accounting Solutions) have just successfully produced and launched our own unique accounting software package called "SmartBank". See our video read more about SmartBank.

Together with my accounting associates, we will offer an expanded range of top class and excellent value added accounting services including: 

  • SmartBank software sales, training and support (www.smartbank.co.za)
  • Pastel  Accounting and Payroll Services
  • Accounting systems design, planning and consulting

Our new offices are situated in  Bluecrane Way, Tokai, Cape Town. 



More about Total Accounting Solutions

Total Accounting Solutions opened up Pastel Software in Cape Town in 1990 as the Pastel Software Distributor for the Western Cape from Claremont, Cape Town and successfully serviced hundreds of Pastel Software clients around the Western Cape over the last 20 years.  

We have also been a practicing members of the South African Institute of Professional Accountants (SAIPA) and work with a few associate accountants.

David Hartley, who is the founder of Total Accounting Solutions, played a major role in setting up Pastel Software in Cape Town in 1990. He also was responsible for the greatly improving the Charts of Accounts and Reporting standards in Pastel Accounting, when he designed and set-up the generic charts of a accounts and Report Writer reports in Pastel Partner and Xpress.  This generic charts of accounts model is still currently used by Pastel with over 300 000 companies in over 30 countries around the world including South Africa.

In 2006 & 2007, David Hartley recently showed his expertise again, when he designed and set-up the new Pastel Auditor that has been recently launched 2 Years ago. This started when Pastel approached David to revamp the Pastel set of accounts and reports to comply with the latest Generally Accepted Accounting Standards (GAAP) and fall in line with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

All this creative work resulted in the release of the new Pastel Auditor in 2007. The Pastel Auditor has been designed to smoothly extracts the trial balance and database from Pastel Accounting and creates a beautiful set of financial statements with full set of notes and Audit pack.

Now is the best time to contact Total Accounting Solutions and find out how we can SAVE you TIME and MAKING you MONEY by advising, setting up & streamlining you business and financial systems!

Yes, browse through our website and do not hesitate to contact us as we will definitely help your business move forward into Success, Wealth and Prosperity!

Success, Wealth & Prosperity

TBA is a Pastel Certified Installer (PCI)

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